The University of Hull have invested in the DSH core infrastructure service which means it is available to all UoH staff. There are two types of connections to the DSH: the core platform which is free and the project specific platform which has a cost. These are both described below.

Free Core ConnectionProject Specific Connection
CostFree.There is a cost for this connection which depends on the processing power required.
Shared?Connection will be shared by other users and projects using this connection type.This will be your projects own dedicated machine. This can be either a machine for each user in the project or a pool of machines for the whole project team.
Type of accessUpon log off, the connection can be used by someone else. During times of high demand you may not be able to access the DSH at the time you wish and a booking system will be implemented.When you log out your machine will continue to run. No one else will be able to access your machine. This means you can leave code running without needing to be logged in.
Who is it for?This connection is perfect for PHD students or small projects with little/no funding.This connection is perfect for larger projects. We can also help you with factoring the costs into your projects funding application.

If you have any questions regarding the type of connection that would be best for you, please email the team via