Is it right for me?

There are a few things to consider when when deciding whether the DSH is right for you.

The sensitivity of the data
Are you processing highly sensitive data within your project? The DSH gives you an environment to store and analyse your data without it ever leaving the security of the data centre.

The complexity of your data flows
Do you have complex data flows? The DSH core infrastructure can be expanded to add project specific requirements. For example these could include the setup of externally accessible SFTP servers and automated data processing. The DSH team can work with you to understand your requirements and develop cost effective solutions that can be scaled only for when you need them

The needs of your data provider
Are you wanting to gain access a dataset from a national data custodian e.g. NHS Digital? Accessing and processing this data will require a highly secure environment with auditable data flows. The DSH can provide you with this. Does your provider require you to meet a certain information governance standard? The Hull Health Trials Unit and the DSH infrastructure provider hold the accreditations data providers will look for when assessing if you can manage data securely. See our Security and Assurances page.

This is a service available to all areas of the University. The DSH has been supported by the University of Hull leadership team via a strategic investment. It is available to support activity across all areas of the University

Is it expensive? There are a range of options including a free to use level for those without budget. See our Costings page.

Do you need to frequently send out the data from your project? Whilst ingress and egress of the data is supported, this is via a controlled approval process and so not immediate.