Our DSH is a secure research environment which is available to researchers from their own machines. The infrastructure is built on a Trusted Research Environment service provided by AIMES. The data is stored and all analysis will reside in the secure AIMES data center in Liverpool.

Researchers access the environment via a secure VPN connection with 2-factor authentication. This means that all the activity occurs within the environment and not on the end user machine. So no data will sit on the end users machine. For more information about the security and assurances of the DSH please click here.

Within the Data Safe Haven there are various software packages and websites made available for research analysis. The full list is on the Software page and the Datasets page lists the datasets currently available in the DSH and how to access these.

The DSH team have experience of working with data owners such as NHS Digital and can provide support in forming your data access requests. We also are able to provide documents on the technical and organisational systems that are in place in the DSH to help you complete your application.

Please email  with any queries you have.