Why would I need the DSH?
Highly sensitive datasets, such as those with personal data, have very strict controls over who can access them and the IT systems that are used to access the data must be of high security. The Data Safe Haven has these security safeguards in place and so we can store and you can access these sensitive datasets.

What can I do in the DSH?
You can analyse sensitive datasets as you normally would for your project using software like R and Stata (see the software page for the full list). The only difference is that you will be remotely accessing a desktop located at ARO in Liverpool which provides the highest security and assurance for the sensitive data you are accessing and there are auditable processes and procedures in place to ensure the security of the data.

Who is responsible?
The nominated project lead has the overall responsibility for the conduct and compliance to any stipulation governing access to the DSH. These stipulations are in the Lead Researcher new user access form the lead will sign prior to accessing the DSH.

What training do I need?
You will need to complete NHS Digital Data Security Awareness Training – Level 1.
This is because the DSH falls within scope of the HHTU’s Data Security and Protection Toolkit. For this we have to report compliance against a benchmark of the number of users who hold this certificate. We will not be able to grant access unless you successfully complete this training.
Next you will be provided training via video call with one of the data team on how to use the DSH included logging in and uploading/downloading datasets.

How secure is the DSH?
Please see the security and assurance page for more information on certifications that the HHTU and ARO hold. The HHTU have implemented several auditable procedures to safeguard the data such as a new user and data ingress/egress forms that are completed via Docusign.

How does data get in/get out?
This is done via an Airlock which is separate to the DSH to allow increased control of the data. Data will be either moved from the Airlock to the DSH (ingress) and from the Airlock to a folder outside of the DSH (egress). There are 2 auditable approval process options for data to be moved, via email or docusign, but these will be discussed with you at onboarding to decide which will be best for your project. Once approval has been gained, a member of the data team will carry out the moving of the data.

Can I work collaboratively?
Yes you can work collaboratively in the DSH. Each project can have several users who are able to access the data. Once your team has access, you can work with the data in the DSH in a way that best suits your project team using the software/websites available.