Project Flow

All DSH projects will go through the 6 stage project flow which is expanded below.

Project Enquiry
If you are interested in using the DSH for your project please email and include some brief information regarding your project. An initial discussion with the DSH team will then be held to assess suitability.

Project Onboarding
Once the suitability of your project has been assessed positively the lead researcher will need to complete the project onboarding form with a member of the DSH team. This captures the functional requirements that are needed for your project so the DSH team can effectively carry out your project set, for example the software you require. It is also at this point we can discuss the type of connection you require, as described on the costing page.

Project Set Up
Following successful onboarding your DSH project, set up will commence. Any users of the DSH will be invited to complete some training which includes how to use the DSH environment such as uploading and downloading datasets and controlling users. As well as this each user must complete NHS Digital Data Security Awareness – Level 1 training.

DSH Access
All users of the project in the DSH must sign a user access form. Once the DSH team has set up the DSH for your project and all training and approvals have been completed you will be provided with secure access to the DSH. 

Active Project
For the duration of your project you will be able to carry out your analysis within the DSH on the applications you requested. If using the free core connection you may need to book a slot to use the DSH. This will be discussed with you at the enquiry and onboarding stage.

If additional users or applications are needed during the lifetime of your project in the DSH please email

Project Closure
At the end of your project you will need to work with the DSH team to make sure all required data has been extracted in line with any limitations within your agreements to access the data. Once the project has been closed down any data left within the DSH will be destroyed and a certificate confirming deletion will be provided.